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    How do I convert a single-page master into a spread?

    mflugennock Level 1

      I'm currently laying out a document which is single pages using a single-page master page.


      I need to turn the master page I'm using into a two-page spread. Changing the document setup to "facing pages" still leaves me with the single-page master replicating across all the pages, when I what I also need is to change the single-page master into a two-page spread master so that I can have my page numbers showing on the outside corners.


      Duplicating my "A-Master" page simply creates a second copy called "B-Master"; I can't seem to be able to drag it alongside my original master page to create a spread.


      Is there any way to do this at all -- besides creating an all-new document and dragging all the content from the original document into it? I suppose I could do this if there's no other way, but it'd be a huge pain.


      Using ID CS6 in OSX.