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    XML scroller

      I've created a scroller that loads xml data. There are 4 parts of data, the name, the image, the description, and the link. By using the url sent by LINK, I want to make the image that is loaded a button, to getURL("THE LINK"). I've tried and tried and can't seem to figure this out, could anyone help me please. Thanks, Nick.

      let me know if there's anything more needed.
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          Jim_Esteban Level 1
          I always have trouble figuring out the firstChild and all that childNode terminology when using XML. So I end up playing around with trace until I get it all figured out. So I'd recommend making your xml.onload function real simple with just a trace statement that allows you to figure out the appropriate xml terminology by trial and error.
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            oxbownick Level 1
            the terminology isn't the problem i'm having....I'm wanting to make the MovieClip img when onRelease to getURL of current firstChild by attribute link. For some Reason this.....

            img.onRelease = function() {
            trace("its been clicked");

            doesn't work :(
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              oxbownick Level 1
              Could anyone help please, I've spent alot of time on this project and can't afford more time, seriously.