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    Colour Profile issues between North America and Europe


      I have a corporate colour, C80M80Y0K0 which creates a very attractive shade of purple. Within North America all printouts demonstrate very similar variations of that purple colour. We have an office in UK that uses the same collateral pieces. While they preview correctly on screen, they are unable to reproduce that purple in their office or with their professional suppliers (all digital processes). The resultant colour is blue (approx C92M68Y18K0).


      The files are created in Indesign, using a process colour within Indesign, and then exported to a PDF and shared with the UK office.


      My guess is that it is a colour profile issue - has anyone else had this same issue, and if it is indeed a colour profile issue, what profile would you recommend using? I've tried using some of the other default profiles within Indesign but with no luck.


      Any assistance would be really appreciated.