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    How can I customize a project template?

    robert-sfl Level 1
      Sorry this seems like a basic procedure but I did not find it in the RH help or in the forum.

      In the RH program folder > RoboHTML > Temlates > Custom there are two sets of files that evidently resemble the project templates but I connot open these in RH to customize the settings.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I am not sure what those folders are for but they are not templates as used in RH HTML. Templates have an HTT extension.

          If you want a default to use in various project, create a RH project named Defaults or suchlike and create the template there. Then import that into any project you are working on.

          You can of course just create the template in one project and import it into others but that way you know the Default project has a known template in it with the right starter settings.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            Welllll, it used to be that one could modify these beasties and use them later on to create projects. You then had options when choosing the "Custom" type. You got two choices (Custom 1 or Custom 2). But it appears the process broke somewhere. I don't recall testing to see if it still worked in version 6. When I get a chance, I'll try that.

            I did try modifying one of these by opening it in RoboHelp 7. I know I know, HOW did I manage to open it? Well, I clicked File > Open and navigated to the folder. No project file was there. But the .CPD WAS there! So I renamed it from .CPD to .MPJ and it opened up after I elected to click the "Upgrade" button. But while it finally allowed me to edit the files, when I later created a totally new project by choosing Custom, nothing I edited was inside as it should have been.

            Unfortunately, I think Peter's advice is the best you will be able to do until they correct the issue.

            Cheers all... Rick
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              robert-sfl Level 1
              Thanks for the ideas. My understanding was that you could predefine project settings that you often need in these "project templates". You would then select them in the option "custom" when creating a new project. BUT, of course, you´d have to be able to edit them or else they are useless.

              Seems like a forgotten realm in the RH world.

              Of course its no problem to create an empty default project and copy it each time. I wonder if this will be functionable agein in RH 7.
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                Hello all, I have found a way to havea custom project and reuse it without having to do all the importing, however, I will tell you upfront there is a flaw i haven't yet figured out how to overcome.

                So this is what I've done.

                1. Created a project (Default_Project).
                2. Added topic templates, skins, css, basic images, snippets, variables, etc.
                3. Placed it in it's own folder called RH Master Tempaltes.
                4. All authors go to that folder via windows explorer.
                5. Copy that whole folder to local laptop.
                6. Right click, rename folder to NewProjectName.
                7. Open folder, click File --> Rename Project then enter the new name: NewProjectName.
                8. Enter the name of the project. RH7 then renames all files.

                Works like a charm and I don't have to worry that someone forgot to import something.

                The flaw? We are using Flashhelp. I noticed after the flashhelp is published the following files ARE NOT being changed, they maintain the Default_Template name:

                Default Template.log

                I cannot find where the project is pulling the old name from. I have tried deleting the .cpd and .mpj files. Doesn't fix the problem. I have tried clearing out the flashhelp folder, deleting the .cpd and .mpj file. Still no joy.

                I can resolve this issue for a WebHelp output by changing the .hhp file in notepad (I know, not recommended, but if you've been using RH as long as I have, sometimes that is the only way you used to be able to fix things).

                However, this is good only if you want to export to WebHelp. Which, we don't. We want to use Flashhelp and try out FlashHelp Pro. So if anyone has any other ideas as to what to look at to see why all the names in the flashhelp output revert to the original name, I'm all ears. Until then, I'll keep playing with stuff until I figure it out.


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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  In the first page of the wizard, are you changing the name of the output file?

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                    MeWrite Level 1
                    Peter -- There are some days I wonder how I function. No, I forgot about that tiny little OBVIOUS detail.


                    Thanks for pointing that out. Now everything works as it should