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    Printing content over multiple pages

    P Steven Level 1
      I am trying to print a report but it is cutting off the content after one page.

      Basically all the report data is stored in one string. When I print this string, it seems to stop printing after just one page. To print the entire string would require multiple pages.

      I would really appreciate some help on this!!

      Here is my print function
      The big string is the following
      formPrintView.detailcontent.text = _session.returnSubmissionReportText()


      private function doPrint():void {

      var printJob:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();

      var formPrintView:SubmissionReport = new SubmissionReport();

      var todayDate:Date = new Date();

      formPrintView.detailUsername.text = _session.getSessionUsername();
      formPrintView.detailDate.text = String(todayDate);
      formPrintView.detailcontent.text = _session.returnSubmissionReportText()