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    Win7 Home Ed, IE 11.0.9600 - latest Fl Player caught by my Malware - can't install it.



            I discovered my Flash Player - newest version as of 2/04/ 2013, had a virus or malware. I uninstalled it,

            & deleted it in my Malware quarantine. Now every time I try to download the newest, latest version of Fl Player,

            it is caught/removed by my malware. I also read on line last night that Adobe's Fl Player had  malware or a glitch

            in it, so they had put out a newer version as of yesterday afternoon. So I tried downloading the Fl Player 12, &

            it was STILL (also), caught by my Malware .


            I need Flash Player to operate my computer, of course, so I am quite unhappy .Please tell me what I need to do, to

            solve my problem. 

             Thank you,    az.gal