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        Mike M Level 6

        There are between 2 and 5 update patches like this every year.

        It's NOT because Adobe did something wrong or forgot to do something.

        There is a new virus or derivitive of virus created for Windows every 20 minutes, That means a new vulnerability in WIndows has been discovered and exploited (been that way since 1995 at least), and if it affects Flash Player, Adobe will release a "patch" for it as soon as it's identified and they have a fix for it.

        No big deal, just make sure you're up to date and your Anti-virus is too.

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          TetonFan57 Level 1

          I am probably really dumb but I don't have an anti-virus on my Mac....supposedly because Macs don't get viruses....that's what I was told.  Is there a good free anti-virus program I can use?  My husband has AVG Free on his PC and has used it for years.

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            Mike M Level 6

            You're not dumb. You're one of the smart ones. You understand the plain simple facts.

            I got my first Mac in February 2002 (12 yrs ago this Saturday). When I worked at Intuit, I did a 6 month test for McAfee on a Mac, and I've never used any A/V software other than that, and I removed it as soon as I was done with the test.


            Fact is: There is no such thing as a virus for a Mac. Sure, there are apps that can mess things up, but they aren't viruses, and are usually easily remedied, unlike a Windows virus.


            Some at Apple will recommend ClamX (free in the App store), but I've never seen a virus on any of the eight (8) Macs I've owned and I've put each of them through a living H-E-L-L. I don't see the need for A/V on my MAc and I have four Windows virtual machines I run from it. THey all have AVG Free, but that's only for the Windows.