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    Avid AAF to After Effects CC Changes Timecode


      Hello Everyone! I've been searching for hours and cannot find a solution to this problem.


      I exported an AAF out of Avid Media Composer 7, and imported it into After Effects CC.


      I open the Comp it creates in AE. 

      Then I go to the footage in the projects window and REPLACE FOOTAGE to now point it to the original Red R3D footage.

      Once I replace the footage, it links it up, but it is not acurately keeping the timecode in tact and its just putting the file to the 1st frame of the R3D file, instead of the frame within the file that is used in the comp.


      My workflow to get the footage into the Avid was simply link to AMA on the R3D's, then transcode into the Avid Project.

      It held the timecode perfectly upon entry into the Avid.


      The AE Comp also has the right timecode on the clip that is offline (prior to my replacing the footage with the R3D).  Once i replace the footage, then the timecode changes.


      Any ideas on what to do to fix this?


      Thank you in advance!!