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    Advanced Tablet usage in AE?


      Hi there,


      I love handling AE with a Tablet, but there's one thing that gets a bit on my nerves. But maybe there's a way to fix that?


      On the pen, I set one of the two buttons for Middle Click, one for Right Click. In the Viewport, pressing the one for Middleclick drags the image around (Hand-Tool), and that's great. But I would LOVE that if I press Middleclick and then press the Tip of the pen to the tablet it activates the zoom. So basically, Middleclick+no touching is dragging, Middleclick+touching is zoom. I'm used to this with Nuke, and it speeds up my work a lot.

      Now when I click and touch the tablet, it still only drags.


      Is there a way to achieve this with AE? Or inside the Drivers?

      Inside the Driver, I can set the button to be set by the application, maybe there's a way to achieve this within AE then, or so? Pushing buttons on the keyboard or using the wheel on the Tablet is not really my thing, I want this to be on the pen.


      Using both, CS6 and CC - Mac and Win

      Intuos4 and 5 are the tablets (different workstations, different equip)


      Best Regards!