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    copying from old doc adds incorrect fonts

    signifying Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CS 5. It's on a MacBook Pro runiing OS 10.9.1.


      I have a document that was sent from a client. The client's doc was in ID CS 6. I have used the Find Font command to change ALL of the the fonts to one font, Alegreya Regular, an OpenType font from Google. I saved the doc and Quit ID CS 5.


      When I copy and paste from the old document to the new one, the text appears as Futura. I have deleted all instances of Futura from the old file, and there are not any style sheets with Futura in the old file. Why does the supposedly-deleted formatting persist, and how can I get rid of it for real (and forever)? It's such an annoying waste of time.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          I'm guessing that the text is styled in the old document with [Basic Paragraph Style] and the new document has no uses of Futura in the live text, but that the Basic style uses Futura. If it's not that, could there be identically-named character styles in both docs?

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            signifying Level 1

            Hi Joel,


            You're right about Basic Paragraph Style, in some respects. The old doc had used Futura before it was sent to me, but I had redefined its definition in the Style Sheets, to the same font I'm using in the new document. I also made sure that the new file's Basic Paragraph Style to use the same font that will be in my Bodytext style. When I look in the Text menu and check Change Font, Futura no longer appears in either place, yet Futura and the old doc's fonts somehow sneak through the Clipboard.


            I just checked the Character Styles, which I hadn't previously looked at. You're right, the stuff I don't want is in that palette. Let's see if this fix works... I'll let you know.