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    Can I create a calculating form in Indesign?


      I understand how to make text boxes, buttons, checklists, etc. for an interactive form in indesign, but is it possible to make a calculating form?


      I'm trying to create an order form, which I've gotten to work pretty well in Acrobat, but it's a huge pain to edit in Acrobat.  Is there a way to do this all in Indesign? What I'm wanting to happen is to have a table with 3 cells. A1 would be a user submitted number, A2 would be a fixed price, and A3 would be the total.  The way I am thinking about this working would be to have A1 as a text box, A2 as a read only text box, and A3 would be the formula of A1*A2.  Then at the bottom of the form, I'd have E3 be A3+B3+C3+D3.


      Does this make sense?  Is this possible?