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    RoboHelp Server 7

      Small poll: has anybody got RH server 7 to work in a production environment (installed in a Windows 2003 server)?
      I placed many posts on the RoboEngine section of this forum and never really got any answers to the pbs we are enountering except from people encountering the same pbs as we do (i.e. "protocolhost.exe" systematically crashed) and they did not find a solution either.
      We had previsously tested RH Server 6 and could not use it for the same reason so we reverted to RoboEngine X4 which did the job.
      We would really like to upgrade to RH 7 but from what I understood, we cannot publish a RH 7 project to any other previous version of RH Server 7 so we are stuck with RH 6.
      No help from Adobe support on RH Server issues either so any feed-back would be more than helpfull!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          This stuff is outside my area but in connection with other issues, some information was posted. Could it be relevant here?


          Jonathan Woodward reported, "We finally tracked it down to the security settings on the webserver where the application and OLH files resided. The webserver was blocking use of .xml, .js, and a few other important file types, thus causing the TOC to not load properly when accessed from the application."

          Jennifer Foster reported, "The problem was that IIS 6 doesn't serve unregistered MIME types. For some reason, .js was not registered in IIS. To fix this, I just allowed all unregistered MIME types but doing an * as the extension and putting them as application/octet-stream. A better solution, though, would probably be to just register the .js file extension."

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            Cro1410 Level 1
            Hi Peter,
            Thanks for the post. This is new info for me but unfortunately did not resolve the fact that the ProtocolHost.exe process keeps crashing... Doesn't look like we will be able to upgrade until this pb is resolved.