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    <cfform> and Fireworks Menu - syntax error

      In the following code: I have a form tag and a cfform tag. One is currently commented out. If I use the <Form> tag code, the Fireworks menu, the text displays and works with no error. If I use the <cfform> tag, I receive the following error: "Line: 63, Char: 1, Error: Syntax error, Code:0". The error also indicated the fuse. If I say okay, the form displays and I can continue as usual. I have gone into the menu code to see if I can find anything - all looks okay. I deleted the contents of lines aroune line 63 to see if it was a problem with that line. It was not. Error still points to line 63. We have a form on our website with this error currently. ( http://www.thunderbay.ca/index.cfm?fuse=SouthCoreFeedback ) Does anyone have any ideas?