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    How do I authorize my kobo touch with ADE


      I have just bought a Kobo touch so that I can read ebooks from my local library without having to do so on my laptop or pc. I tried to transfer the downloaded copy of a book from my laptop to the Kobo, with having to use ADE but it hasn't worked. So, back to ADE - which doesn't show the Kobo. I've tried restarting the laptop and then opening ADE but that didn't make any difference. I also tried to authorize the Kobo using ADE but all I get is a message saying my pc (laptop) is already authorized but I don't see any options to authorize another device. I changed my Kobo login details to match my ADE login but that hasn't made any difference either - this was advised in a post I found on the forum.


      There is mention of being able to authorize other devices using a combination of Fkeys but it's nto desribed anywhere and I'm not sure if this will work anyway on my laptop as it uses the horrid Windows 8 OS. I'm feel ing stumped and frustrated and my brain hurts. Any help and suggestions will be very, very gratefully received.


      I should add that I've tried looking at help topics on the Adobe site too but there are no options or alternatives given to help with any ereaders no being recognized or shown on ADE.