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    Can InDesign handle "hidden" text boxes?


      I've been tasked with creating a Userguide Lab Manual with student exercises.  The client wants content to be in three layers:  1) basic tasks listed, 2) accessible "hints" to complete tasks, 3) accessible step-by-step explanation to complete tasks.  Levels 2 & 3 should be initially "hidden" text boxes that the student can access  if needed.


      Can InDesign handle this?  I realize this is something HTML can handle ... but the client wants a e-PUB document, something portable, in the end.


      Can you give me advice?  I've looked and looked at many elements of InDesign.  Often I see "hidden" elements must be converted to an image (button?); elements of Interactivity usually means video or animation... but I want editable text.  In theory, we want to be able to develop ONE master, and then reveal (show) different layers ... and i the end publish three levels of Userguide Lab Manual.


      Is this possible?