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    Add onRollOver event for radio buttons?

    solid1 Level 1

      I'm working in Flash CS3/ActionScript 2. I've made a rating scale where the user clicks on one of seven radio buttons in a line. Behind the radio buttons is a rectangle object, and to that I've added an onRollOver event so the user sees an explanation of the rating scale when they mouse over it. Trouble is, the explanation disappears (of course) when their mouse is over one of the radio buttons, which isn't what I want.

      Radio buttons apparently don't like onRollOver events. I tried adding a transparent object in front of the radio buttons for the onRollOver, but of course it then intercepts clicks and the radio buttons don't work.

      is there any way to create the functionality of the radio buttons having onRollOver, so the rating scale explanation continues to display when the mouse is over one of the radio buttons?