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    Photoshop cc generate assets doesn't resize all images correctly

    Chris - ShineTech

      I have a stack of images, and I'm using Photoshop CC's new generate assets to produce two versions of each. One at current size (retina), one at half size (normal). Each layer I'm exporting has this naming format "image1@2x.jpg, 50%image1.jpg".


      When I generate assets, not all 50% scaled images get scaled down. Some that should be half the size are the same dimensions as the retina version. Other images scaled down by 50% are correctly resized. It seems to be random.


      I have tried variations of scaling, 25%, 200%, renaming the layers, turning generate assets off then on, re-opening the psd, restarting photoshop. None of these seems to make a difference.


      Anyone else experienced this, or have a solution?