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    Image redraw problem?

      I've been having a particular problem while using Director MX2004.

      Let's say I'm in frame 1 and I have a few bitmaps on the stage and a couple buttons. I click on one of my buttons which navigate to a new frame (frame 5 for example) and there is nothing in the frame except for a couple image. This is at a basic level...

      Now, the problem is that one of the bitmaps which was in a sprite channel and is not part of the new sprite channel, I can still see the image? I press "stop" on the director controller and it disappears???

      Any ideas? This is a basic projector, nothing funky part of it. For whatever it's worth though, the only time I've ever experienced this issue (on two different machines) is when Flash cast members are used (whether they are on the stage or not)

      - Corby