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    Full browser window 'splash' screen, content loaded below that.

    Bobby Bol Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a full-screen image/color to start when you enter a website created in Edge.

      An example is found here: http://hivestorage.ca/


      So what I'm looking for is roughly this:


      - when you open the page you have just the one colored rectangle filling the whole browser window, so rectangle_height = window_height and rectangle_width = window_width

      - one logo in the center of the page, so the x position is window_width/2 - logo_width/2 and the y position is window_height/2 - logo_height/2


      - the rest of the content always loaded right below that, so basically the y position of the content would be the same as the value for window_height.


      Thanks a bunch!