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    revert 'invalid' not working for draggable inside a symbol

    Harmony Starr

      I have a system set up where several items can be dragged but only certain ones ("hairy") can drop into a location.


      like this:

      sym.$('creatureD').draggable({opacity:.5, revert:'invalid', scope:"hairy"}); 

      sym.$('creatureA').draggable({opacity:.5, revert:'invalid'});


      It works great on the main stage but for organizational regions I wanted to move this section of the activity into its own symbol. Now that this is inside a symbol, when the items are dragged they don't bounce back to their original locations - they are off a little bit with each mouse drag and drop. I'm not sure how to set or get the "revert" function to recognize the coordinate system inside the symbol.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.