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    PagedList Modification to XML

    nu2cf Level 1
      I would like to modify PagedList to have a XML data model and render an image on a external URL instead of a image hosted as the example contains. I can easily change the data model but I am not sure of all the changes to bitmap.as. Also, would any changes have to be made in the AS files in the controls folder?

      Thanks for your help.
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          elvezpablo Level 1
          The PageList is pretty self contained and flexible you can alter the dataRenderer to be either an array or array collection but right now it doesn't support XML. If you would just like to use the paged list and not the slider below it you only need to edit / change the PagedList.s file.

          As for the bitmap.as it is just a data renderer with some extra bitmap features. The paged list should work with any item renderer you come up with you can just specify it in the MXML. Hope this helps!