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    RoboHTML 7.0 Snippet Problem

      I have added a two Snippets to a project. After viewing the Snippets in the viewer, they no longer show up as greyed out text. Their space is a single empy line. And the Snippet pod shows no Snippets. They are in the code and show up in the viewer, but not in the topic window.

      If I add additional Snippets, they will appear in the Snippet pod until I close the project. Re-opening the project will again show "no snippets".

      It appears that the Snippet gathering process or some Snippet control file is messed up. Any ideas?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          I was hoping for your sake someone would come in and say they had the problem and how to fix it.

          I have quite a bit of work on Snippets and not encountered any such problems.

          Try creating a new project and see if you get the same problem there.

          Assume your project is on a local drive?

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            GarySchultz Level 1
            Yes, I'm running RoboHTML locally.

            I think this issue was caused by a RoboHTML hang-up/abend while I was working with the Snippets. The samples work fine. And I am unable to reproduce the problem.

            The RoboHTML abends are now of concern. I had another one on Monday, 12/3 while reconstructing the project with the "broken snippets". That's my next forum post.

            It appears that Snippets are handled internally a lot like Links. That is, if I import a Topic with a Snippet, the Topic retains a filename reference to the Snippet. Does it manifest as a Broken Link? If the Snippet is not Imported, how is this flagged? How can I delete the Snippet reference? It appears that Snippets should only be manipulated from the Snippet Pod methods, and it is not there.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              There does seem to be a problem here. I imported a topic with snippets in it. After the import, there is a blank line where the snippet should be. You could either delete that or you can go into the code and delete the snippet reference. Of course what should be happening is that the import routine should be either importing the snippet or warning that some action is needed. The danger of automatically importing the snippet is that in project two you might have a snippet with the same name but different content.

              I too had an abend at one point but could not repeat it.

              If you import the snippet first and then the topic, then it does seem to work.

              I will notify Adobe of this issue.

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                This issue is driving me insane. I am running locally, have created, created again, imported etc etc. Each time I exit the program and reopen the Snipets Pod is empty again and all of my Snippets are no longer displayed in their pages, even though the files remain and the references to them remain. Feels to me that they are being filtered, though I will leave that to others to diagnose. For now, I guess I will not use that feature.

                [Edit: Sorry forgot to mention using Robo 7 on a project originally started on Robo 4, then 6)
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Open the Customer Care Sample project. Create a new topic and insert on the snippets there. Close and reopen the project. I want to know what happens with another project and one created in RH7.

                  What operating system are you on?

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi all

                    It will also be helpful to know where your project is stored. Is it on a LAN? If so, that may explain it. Move it locally.

                    Cheers... Rick
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                      BrianRS Level 1
                      As noted above everything is installed locally and files stored locally on C. WinXP Pro, 2Gb RAM etc.

                      Peter's idea of trying it on a non upgraded topic was a good one; Process worked just fine (opened Customer Care, was able to create a Snippet, add it to a topic, close, reopen). So obviously issue is specific to my upgraded file set in some way, just do not know what to do going forward.
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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        Are you willing to share your project with me? If you are, take a copy, remove all outputs to reduce size and then zip it. How large zipped?

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                          BrianRS Level 1
                          Followup: Peter took a look at my project for me and determined the whole issue was that I had spaces in my project name


                          ABC Help System

                          Changed to (via FILE|Rename Project)


                          And snippets save now.

                          Thanks to Peter for the quick fix!
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                            Pet3689 Level 1
                            I have the exact same problem (all Snippets disappear from Snippets Pod after re-opening the project, but all links are still active). Importing the Snippets fixes the problem, until the next reload.

                            However, my Project Name is a single Word (I checked this via File > Rename Project).

                            Also, Snippets work in other, simple projects.

                            Instead, this is a larger project, which in the past was upgraded from Rh5Word to RH6Word to RH6HTML and then to RH7HTML.
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                              Pet3689 Level 1
                              Never mind, I fixed my problem, following a suggestion by Rick in a different thread.

                              I simply renamed my CPD file, and re-opened my project. RH7HTML then re-generated the CPD file, and my problem disappeared.

                              This is great!