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    Two date fields - limit the maximum number of days between them


      Hi folks, first time on the forum so please be nice.


      I have two date fields, let's call them 'Date 1' and 'Date 2'. Is it possible to limit the number of between Date 1 and Date 2? For example, once Date 1 has been input, Date 2 cannot be greater than 180 days.  If someone tries to put in a  Date 2 greater than 180 days and it just doesn't show up, that is ok for now, but if I could get a warnign/error message to show up that would be even better.


      The reason behind this is to prevent any mistakes as too great a time between the two dates gets complicated for us.


      An alternative - and I don't even know if this is possible so please bear with me - could be even if the user is able to type in a Date 2 greater than 180 days, a warning message displays telling them this. I have never seen anything like this in an Adobe PDF so I don't know if it is possible.


      I am using Acrobat 9 Pro if that helps.