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    Issues with selection tools using PS CS6


      OK, I'm having issues with selections in Photoshop CC…   This video shows my issue (which I never had with CS3).  Basically, I go to select an area within an image, and then the selection area disappears, and when I go to move the selection area I am unable to get the selection to "drop".  This happens regardless of whether I'm using my wacom tablet or my trackpad.  My mac is a 2009 macbook pro running 10.8.5.  Updated my OS and wacom tablet with the latest drivers.  I've gone into preferences and disabled the GPU, but to not avail.  Haven't run into this issue at work using CS6 (but i'm on a windows box there) Any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGPla7V9QI8