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    Embedding unregistered fonts in epub

    NIRC Level 1

      I cannot for the life of me get my InDesign CS6 to properly embed a proprietary font. I tried all the tricks I could find: removing the encryption and copying over the reduced-size TTF with the original; confirming the manifest, and obfuscating with SIGIL,and running the file through Calibre. Nothing works.

           Is there not some good way to solve this problem??

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Does the font allow embedding? There is a flag in the software which makes the TTF unembeddable if not allowed. If that is the case you should choose another font with that permission.

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            NIRC Level 1

            I guess I wasn't clear enough. This is a specially made, proprietary font of which there is nothing to replace it. Therefore, I have to know how to get around this "flag". I understand there are epub programs other than inDesign that handle this okay, but I really prefer working in InDesign because of the control it gives me over the text. It has a very bad reputation among epub creators for its inability to handle font embedding, control of tables, and tabs, but still I prefer it...

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              InDesign has improved tremendously in its EPUB capabilities, particularly in InDesign CC 9.0 and 9.2:




              The "bad reputation" was somewhat deserved in its earliest attempts (e.g., InDesign CS5 and 5.5) but isn't really true now.

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                NIRC Level 1

                I have CS6, and none of these problems is solved yet.

                   In any case, the information on CC 9 (which I don't really need now) is that it has access to a font archive. My font was made for a special purpose (the stroke order of Chinese characters) and so needs to be embedded the way Calibre or Sigil manage it. I just don't know how, but someone in the InDesign world must know a workaround

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                  Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                  CS6 shipped in May of 2012, CC shipped in May of 2013 with the latest update in January of 2014 and the team continuing to work on improvements - we've come a long way since CS6.


                  Issues with Font embedding for iBooks was resolved with the release of CC in May of 2013.


                  InDesign respects the permissions set in the Font and wll not embed fonts that will not allow it - this remains true for CC.


                  If you got complaints in CS6 about not being able to embed - then you're stuck with respect to embedding from InDesign.


                  However, if you are not seeing that complaint, perhaps you should download the CC trial to see if you're problem goes away.


                  Douglas Waterfall

                  Architect, InDesign Engineering

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                    NIRC Level 1

                    Regarding embedded fonts

                    1. I gave the font permission to be embedded when I made it.
                    2. I do NOT get any error message during validation about the font not being able to embed.
                    3. The font shows up perfectly in Adobe Digital Editions 3.
                    4. But... when we go to the iPad, I get garbled nonsense.

                    The only conclusion I can draw is that something is amiss with InDesign's epub creator.

                    Regarding tables

                    1. I tried changing cell lines and table outline to paper and none
                    2. I tried changing to ther colors.
                    3. I tried reducing the line size to very, very small and to dotted lines.
                    4. The reuslts in every case showed up perfectly in InDesign, but... the epub didn't reflect any of this, which means I am stuck with ugly black lines every time I want a workaround for the failure of tabs to work in ebooks.


                    InDesign handled mobi files for Kindle perfectly on all the matters discussed above.

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                      Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee



                      As I mentioned above, font embedding issues for iBooks were resolved in CC (May 2013) . Get the Trial and see for yourself.




                      Indeed this is a problem even in CC. The only way to get rid of this is to edit the EPUB CSS file and remove the following lines:


                      td, th {





                      This will be resolved in the next update of CC.


                      Douglas Waterfall

                      Architect, InDesign Engineering

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                        NIRC Level 1

                        Thanks for your kind response. I will try CC on another computer to see if it solves the problem.

                        As for the tables, your fix got rid of the cell borders but not the table outline. I will experiment with the other settings in the CSS related to tables to see what I can do.

                             By the way, since our Institute just put out a huge sum for the Design Suites for 4 computers (including very expensive plug-ins that had to be updated: MathMagic, Sonar InSequence and Sonar Index Pro), we hesitate to do another update. Is there any chance you will make a patch for CS6 ?

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                          Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                          There are only two ways for the border to be there - either it comes from the Table Style, or it was applied as an override to that particular Table.


                          I'd check the Table Style first, and if the border settings are blank, then it must be as an override.


                          Douglas Waterfall

                          Architect, InDesign Engineering

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                            NIRC Level 1

                            Thanks. The problem was not actually in the "overrides" but in the default Table style. I changed the width to 0 (for both "No-Table-Style" and "Basic-Table") and everything disappeared:


                            table.No-Table-Style {








                            Is there a trick to getting the table to stop condensing itself? I want it to stretch across the whole width of the page so I can put something far left, something far right, and something in the middle. But the tables keep shrinking down and cannot be centered on a line. I checked the cell height and width in InDesign and there did not seem to be any problem. I even tried making them "exactly", but this didn't take.

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                              MW Design Level 5

                              I am a bit unclear as to what you want the table to do. Most styling I do, especially for tables, is done in the CSS.


                              If you want the table to be fixed width but want it centered, the margins for left/right need to be set to auto. Example:


                              width: 12em;

                              margin-left: auto;

                              margin-right: auto;


                              If you want the table to be a bit dynamic, you can use percentages. From my last eBook:


                              width: 96%;




                              Etc. as needed.

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                                NIRC Level 1

                                Is there some way I can do this globally in the CSS, since I will have hundreds of tables in the book and don't want to open each xhtml and make the adjustment?


                                I found it! Thanks for the help. All I have to do now is try the new InDesign. I trust it will not replace anything critical on my current CS6, will it?