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    Multi-point publishing with MBR - Help!

    kaka2kool Community Member



      I've been trying MPP for the last few days and it works fine for single stream but when I have 3 stream, at different bitrates, pnly the last one works, other work for short period and then they stop


      Here is the code I am using. Please guide as to how I can change this code to republish more than one stream!



      // Called when the client publishes

      application.onPublish = function(client, myStream) {

          trace(myStream.name + " is publishing into application " + application.name);

          // This is an example of using the multi-point publish feature to republish

          // streams to another application instance on the local server.

          if (application.name == "live/_definst_"){

              trace("Republishing the stream " + myStream.name + "into /livepkgr2");

              nc = new NetConnection();

              nc.connect( "rtmp://localhost/livepkgr2" );

              ns = new NetStream(nc);

              // called when the server NetStream object has a status

              ns.onStatus = function(info) {

                  trace("Stream Status: " + info.code)

                  if (info.code == "NetStream.Publish.Start") {

                      trace("The stream is now publishing");





              ns.publish( myStream.name +"?adbe-live-event=liveevent", "live" );






      application.onUnpublish = function( client, myStream ) {

          trace(myStream.name + " is unpublishing"  );