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    Placing footnotes at the bottom in half width of a text frame while keeping text flowing aside?

    kagan gozen

      Hi, Is there a way, a script, any opportunity of placing the footnotes at the bottom of the text frame in half width of it, and keeping the main text flowing near the footnote's frame while doing this -except manual work- ? (please check the attached image)


      I have tried Sidenotes script (Thanks to Mr. Peter Kahrel - http://www.kahrel.plus.com/indesign/sidenotes.html -) unfortunately couldn't make "sidenotes_add.jsx" work (only 2nd parameter works for me). I was thinking of seperating the footnotes in a single text frame with an object style that anchors it to the bottom side of the main text frame. Was thinking of having two object styles and choosing from them respectively according to the side it should be.


      Any kind of help is appreciated.