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    Puppetry and pins on gradient vector objects - AE CC/OSX




      I'm having issues with a couple of things.


      I am working on a cartoon and trying to create a wisp of cigarette smoke.


      To do this, I have created a rectangle in Illustrator which is 100% white on one end and 0% opacity white on the other, using puppetry tools to animate the wisps.


      Once imported, only half the object activates when I select the pin for the puppetry tool - I am unable to place pins on the lesser opacity areas.


      Secondly, I am having issues using the puppetry tool itself.


      The objects I use are all 2D in a 3D plane.


      When I select the pin tool, often when I click on an object the puppetry effect will appear, but no pins, or a ghost. It seems to work when I am in Active mode in the viewport - but not in any other mode, which frustrates my work.


      Any advice much appreciated.



      Snapshot with only half the vector activated                                                       Screenshot with strange ghosting in 3D mode

      rec2.jpg rec1.jpg