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    Floating Items in the browser window


      I have a stage that is 4000 some pixils wide.

      I have some items tht i would like to be on screen and in a fixed position no mater where you scroll.


      2 to be centered - content and intro

      1 to be top left and  - logo

      one to be top right - contact


      i have the following code that is present in the compisioionReady that floats a symbol named content in the center of the browser window.


      i need to add the other 3 items to this code.







          var leftEdgeWindow = $(this).scrollLeft()





      function setLeftEdge(base){

          //get the content symbol

          var contentObject = sym.getSymbol("content");

          //here it is in jQuery

          var content = contentObject.getSymbolElement();

          //get some important widths

          var contentWidth = content.width();

          var windowWidth = $(window).width();

          //find the left edge position

          var leftEdge = base + (windowWidth/2) - (contentWidth/2);


          //content.css("position", "fixed");