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    How do I tighten the space between lines in FormsCentral?


      I have over 100 PDF fillable forms to create. I also need to be able to put some of them online so that is why I have chosen your program and it comes with Adobe Cloud version.


      I like your program for ease of use but there are a few flaws that should be addressed:


      I have multiple lines of text that need their own fill-in text field, but I do not need the label portion of the text field. This causes a lot of blank space and stretches the document over two pages. This is OK if it is an online form. But these forms are for print. I would like to be able to condense the form to one page.


      The program needs a blank text field with no label.


      Also needs line spacing adjustment capablity.


      Another issue that I have found with this program is the inability to adjust each text box to fit. Some of my labels are longer than others and some are shorter but I am not able to adjust the text to fit on one line. Should be able to set up the text boxes independently from the text box above it.


      Thank you.