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    Setting form to save in Reader with data extraction


      Wanting to setup forms created in AAPro so that they:

      1. Are password encrypted; and
      2. All text and images on the forms cannot be copied but can be printed: and
      3. All data entered into the forms can be saved in Reader; and
      4. All data entered into the forms in Reader can be extracted.

      I am stuck - anyone out there able to point me in the right direction?



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          IsakTen Level 4

          You need Acrobat to do most of preparations.

          1 You can encrypt your PDF form in Acrobat with an "Open" password, so that only people who know the password can open it.

          2. In the same operation in Acrobat you can set permissions, such as allow to print but not allow to copy. Keep in mind that all Acrobat products respect permissions that you set but 3rd party PDF processors may not respect them. In fact there are some Web services that remove permissions restrictions from PDFs.

          3a. You presume that you can enter data into forms in Reader. There is a caveate here. There are two kinds of forms in PDF: AcroForms and XFA forms. If you creat a form in AcroPro then you get AcroForm. In Adobe Reader XI you can enter data in Acroform but not XFA form. In earlier Reader versions you could not enter data in any form type. However, if you have Acrobat you can resave your encrypted PDF form as a Reader-extended PDF with permission to fill-in form fields in which case one can enter data in any form type and any Reader version. You need to encrypt first and Reader-extend second.

          3b. Adobe Reader XI allows users to save PDFs. Earlier reader versions did not allow users to save. But if you Reader-extended your PDF forms allowing form fill-in, then you can save them in any Reader version.

          4. I am not sure what do you mean by extraction of data in form fields. How do you intend to do that? You just prohibited data copy, so you cannot just highlight data and copy it to clipboard. You can write and attach to the form a JavaScript that will extract form data send them to some destination.

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            Info@ARPL Level 1

            Thank you isakten for your help, I appreciate it. Rgds, Riley.