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    Photoshop CS4

    Steve Gliddon

      I need some help, please.  I own a copy of Photoshop CS4 Extended.  I had to have my hard drive

      replaced and when I reactived the program I got a 30 free trial.  I tried entering my serial number but

      was told it's invalid but I have the disc sleeve right here.  Anyone have any ideas?  Should I uninstall

      and start all over again?  Thanks in advance!

      Steve Gliddon

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You need to be more specific - details matter.


          When you were "told it's invalid" exactly what did the error message say?


          If it is a simple matter of you having used up your two activations, you will need to call Adobe customer support, let them know you have had to recover your system from a failure, and ask them to free up your activations so you can reactivate the software on your restored system.


          There could be other problems.  The specific error message is important.