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    How to make smooth motion questions


      Maybe this isn't the best way to achieve optimal results, but here's what I'm trying to do:


      Make a slideshow with many jpegs. Many pics are odd size, so I made a grid inside a 6000 x 720 comp. I've then taken that 6000 comp and placed it into a 1280 comp and animated the x position.


      Q1: I've tried a combination of exports, but nothing looks smooth on a final render to h.264 (the deliverable format). I've noticed that 60fps/ProRes provides nice results, but when I export to 29.97 h.264 it's all jerky.


      Q2: Render hit. It's takes a very long time to render. In general, is there a better way to do this from a render hit perspective?


      Any help greatly appreciated.