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    Saving AdobeForm PDF can not be edited in Acrobat Pro XI



      I have tried the steps below over and over and I do not get a dialog for Don't Collect Responses. I wanted to save the FormsCentral PDF and edit it with Acrobat Pro XI  adding a calculated field (AdobeForms can not add a calc field).

      I have a custom field for ratings (radio buttons) - could this be causing the problem?

      Please let me know how do perform turn off the security on the form in Pro XI so I can edit.   

      Email to cotoole1000@gmail.com

      STEPS I followed:

      In FormsCentral save the form as PDF using File-> Save as PDF Form... If you do not intend for the form to use FormsCentral to collect responses then in the resulting dialog select button Don't Collect Responses. Open the resulting file in Acrobat Pro and use File-> Save a Copy... Open the copy in Acrobat Pro and select Tools-> Forms. You should now be able to edit the form.