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    latest version of flash


      I have both solaris and linux. the "http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html" pages says there is a version 12 something of flash for both these OS system, yet I can not download it. I know support has eneded, why?, but can I at least download the latest version?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          There is a bug in the detection logic on that page for the latest version of Flash Player for Linux (this has been reported to the folks who manage that page). The about Flash Player page is updated with the latest Flash Player versions available on desktop systems. The latest version for Linux is (released on 04-Feb). is the last supported Flash Player version for Solaris.




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            Outputservices Level 1

            Thanks. I will then consider this closed as I am now at the latest version of flash for those two operating systems. It's a shame Adobe decided to drop those operating systems from thier products.