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    error message that has taken over every program on my computer


      Photoshop.exe - Entry Point Not Found     The procedure entry point ?Terminate@StructuralImageEditing@@YAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library PatchMatch.dll


      At first, working on a photo, photoshop cc was not able to perform a selection correctly and was going very slow...so I checked and found that I needed an update....when I tried to update Creative Cloud, it failed. Then I started getting the message above when I tried to open photoshop cc. At that point I could open other programs. Then all of a sudden, the photoshop cc icon jumped to all my programs on my desktop and now I cannot open any program without getting the message above. I can only get online by starting a scan with Norton and then it opens up for me to get online. I have done a full Norton scan and have found no virus or malware. I am completely blocked trying to uninstall a program as well by this same message.


      I called Adobe because I had seen an entry online that said Adobe installed PatchMatch.dll on someone's computer (that had the same problem with receiving that error messagee) and it was fixed. After an hour on the phone with an Adobe rep, I was "accidentally" disconnected and the Adobe rep never called me back. I failed to get his employee number and name and he never gave me a case number....so I am at square one.