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    Flex2 and shared objects

      Hello all
      We have made a cool FLEX application (which also in on Flex showcase) and it works like a charm with Firefox, while in IE it will go down in flames with an IE-exception after some minutes of active use.
      And we cannot find the error. We have a suspicion that this is related to our use of shared objects.

      The application displays financial charts, and the values are stored in the cache as a shared object, so it will display faster the next time. This works perfect with Firefox and in IE not. Please try this out:

      Radar Lite

      In IE, you break it by switching stocks in the grid control, this will trigger a get on new chartvalues that will be stored in shared objects

      I have been googling like crazy to find a solution of this problem, without success. Has anyone here heard of a problem similar to this. We could really need some help here.

      Thanks in advance.