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    Destroying ScriptUI Palette Windows

    Sturm359 Level 1

      In ExtendScript, I've run up against a very strange scenario with which I need some help from a ScriptUI guru. I've got a huge InDesign script that, during the course of its execution, displays a progress bar in a palette window:

      var w = new Window("palette", "Progress");

      I would like this palette to be closed when the script is finished, so I added a w.close() at the end of the script.


      However, this only occurs if the focus is still in InDesign. Some of our people like to work on other tasks while the InDesign script is running on another screen in the background, which is fine, but when they return to InDesign, that progress bar palette is still on the screen, showing 100% completion. This palette window can be moved around, but it cannot be closed, even if the little red 'x' in the corner is clicked. This eventually leads to multiple palettes staying on the screen throughout the day, as this script is called dozens of times in a normal workday.


      Reading Peter Kahrel's excellent guide to ScriptUI, I learned that all palettes remain in memory, even after being closed with .close(). I want them completely erased from memory and purged, so they don't stay on the screen if the user switches to another application while the script is running. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?


      By the way, I wanted to include some sample code so you could see for yourself, but it doesn't seem to work when it's just some small code called from with the ESTK; only in my 4,647-line production script. Thus, I cannot paste any example code.