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    Code coloring changes will not save


      I have tried reinstalling Dreamweaver CC several times and for some reason, when I make a change to the code coloring scheme, it just reverts back to the default.  I have tried using my old colors.xml file, uninstalling Dreamweaver and reinstalling it and completely removing the registry keys related to Dreamweaver and I still get the same result.  Somehow, Dreamweaver must not be actually changing the colors.xml file when I click apply.


      This problem has been solved.  Many references to importing colors.xml suggest that simply renaming the original colors.xml file and placing a new colors.xml file in the proper folder will make Dreamweaver inherit settings from the new file.  THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY TRUE!  I did this and Dreamweaver referenced the colors_backup.xml file when rendering the document in code view but UPDATED the colors.xml file when I tried to manually make changes in the color coding section of preferences.  The way to difinitively make this work is to be sure that there is ONLY 1 colors.xml file in the proper folder because renaming the original and leaving it in that folder doesn't always work.


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