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    RoboHelp 10 does not update hyperlinks when file is edited outside HTMLHelp


      I generate a set of files used in my RoboHelp project.  Historically, this has never been a problem.  When I open RoboHelp, it recognizes the new links etc. defined in the project and makes them available to the TOC and other topics, as well as showing them in the topics window.

      To give an example, I might have something like this:

      <a name="options">File Options</a>


      <a name="arguments">File Arguments</a>

      I then create links in the TOC to these references.  When I regenerate, nothing about this changes, except that I add (or remove) additional content, also referenced with name tags.


      In RoboHelp 9, when I reopened the project, the new topics were displayed in the topics list pod and generally available for use.



      Since I've updated to RoboHelp 10, however, it no longer automatically refreshes the available topic links.  I find the only way I can update them is to remove the topic, preserving the links (now broken) and copy back the generated file and reimport. 


      I feel like there must be setting that would allow a rehash of the files on startup (or even better, with a clickable command), but I can't find it.  The update command is specifically for updating external links (to MSWord documents).  I thought maybe if I selected "Clear Project Cache..." in Tools | Options before opening the file, it might force a rehash, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


      Also, sometimes the changes don't persist.  I'll "fix" a broken link, even by importing in a new file and resolving the broken link manually only to find it reappears the next time I open the file.  I can understand why this would be disabled, as it would be a performance hit that wouldn't affect most users, but I need this functionality back!  It's making what should be a very simple task (create new links in the TOC for new topics) into an uncertain nightmare, because instead of doing a simple Task list sort by TOC to see what isn't in the TOC so I can add it, I have no idea what's missing since the task shown in the task list isn't up-to-date.