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    CF Grid not generating.


      CF Grid not generating due to this error.




      Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:

      http://   /CFIDE/classes/cfapplets.jar


      What is the fix for this error?

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          Fernis Level 3

          Check this thread, if it would help you: http://forums.adobe.com/message/6019240


          Also, I would generally advice against using cfgrid's java implementation - furthermore, skip cfgrid completely, and use a modern JQuery grid plugin or such.

          But cfgrid's html implementation works well, as long as you don't work with dateformatting, which has some issues - you need to format dates specifically on the database side, and use text datatype in order to make it work usually.


          But if you can make it work with the help from the other thread, by all means, stick with it if it suits your needs.



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            mrwjd Level 1



            This is an older application and I really just want to fix the Adobe issue to get the client back in business.  I should have to reprogram for and Adobe issue.  Is there a fix from the Adobe side.  The Host site is running CF 10.  Their business depends on this software so I really would like a quick solution.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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              Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              This isn't really an Adobe issue.  This is a Java issue.  Oracle added extra security requirements for Java browser applets in Java 7 (1.7) that didn't exist when ColdFusion was released.


              You could submit a bug to Adobe to fix the Java applets issue.  But, since Java applets are prone to security issues and are a HUGE vector for hacking, you would be better served to take Fernis' advice and replace references to CFGRID with a JavaScript solution such as JQGrid, DataTables, ExtJS Grid, or Dojo DataGrid.


              -Carl V.

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                RLS Level 1

                I had a similar problems. When I added format="html" voila! Problem solved! Thank you!