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    Font Size Bug On PrintDataGrid

      If I remove the width tag from the HBox around the PrintDataGrid below, the font size dramatically changes.

      <mx:HBox visible="false" id="myPrintArea" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" width="99%">
      <mx:PrintDataGrid fontSize="8" id="individualsGridPrint" width="99%">
      <mx:DataGridColumn width="110" resizable="true" fontStyle="italic" headerText="Last Name" dataField="LastN" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn width="110" resizable="true" headerText="First Name" dataField="FirstN" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn width="75" resizable="true" headerText="Phone" dataField="Phone" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn width="125" resizable="true" headerText="Department" dataField="Dept" />