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    Off centered browser load when it should be centered


      Hello to whoever reads/helps.


      I am new to Muse and I am trying to create a new site.  The problem I am having is that my website should be centered with the background stretching to all four edges of the browser and when I preview it, it looks great.  However, when I upload everything onto the hosting server and test it out live with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, the website loads off centered with the background video no longer stretching to all four edges of the browser.  If you hit the refresh button on the browesr, it appears and functions as it should.  It is only on the first load that I am having an issue.


      My website is still in a testing phase and consists of only one page with a title, 3 png icons that will act as triggers/links, video background, and a png file over the video.  I do not want to persue any further if I cannot be sure that the site will load properly.  This will be a protfolio site to help me get a proper job.  If this is going to be a problem, then I would just assume use HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but I would rather make it in Edge so I can use animations for transitions, etc.


      I am using Edge Hero 0.2 for the background video and image and to center content.


      Any help would be amazing, thank you.