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    Fixed-layout & Digital Editions


      I'm creating fixed-layout EPUB3s using my own software i built along with some hand coded HTML/CSS/JS etc.. ie. not using Indesign or any other click/export software.


      They look fantastic in iBooks & Readium - everything works & looks great.

      I throw them through the official Java Epubcheck (IDPF) software without any errors, warnings or problems.


      If I try to read them in Digital Editions however the format is screwed up - missing images, layout incorrectly rendered.. kinda like how older EPUB2 reader software tried to read EPUB3s.


      Does Digital Editions not support fixed-layout EPUB3? Why not?


      I'm not going to redevelop them for the sake of getting them to work in Digital Editions (unless it is a simple change) - it just seems odd that a seemingly current EPUB reader application still cannot render an EPUB3 correctly in 2014.


      Edit: I should have stated I'm using "Adobe Digital Editions 3.0" on OSX 10.9