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    page navigation does not function


      I can not navigate inside of a pdf digital edition book.  I have tried both version 2 and version 3 with the same behaviour. the only way I can move from page to page is by moving the sidebar, up/down keys, etc.. - once I have moved to where I guess I shoudl be - I need to use the "change view function" to change the mode - ie. page width, apge size, or zoom level. Once I select a new view - the page refreshes and I can see it. If i wan to got to the next page - I again need to change the view to get the page to change. 


      Navigation using the table of contents, etc.. also requires the same "change view" action.  


      This product is makes it imposible to read ebooks on my desktop PC.   I have a laptop with similar software installed and have no problems reading ebooks on that - the page up/ directory/ cursor controls work fine. 


      I have tried re-installing several times, uninstalling and installing fresh download, etc..  but nothis seems to cure the  navigation issue on this machine,  I don't wnat to re-install windows and every other applicaiton to get this to work, 


      A similar issue was posted last year - but I did not see any answers.  Is there any support for this product.


      Any insight woudl be apreciated. .