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    Configuration error


      error 213:8

      What is this ?

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, we could say the same, as you did not give the program, it's version, if it is on a Mac or a PC, the version of the OS, if you receive this at installation or when using the program... These places might be full of Computer gurus, but I don't think that their mind reading abilities are up to the task ;-)

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            jhai256 Level 1

            The error referenced above was generated by any of the collection of programs known as Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design  Premium. I believe the issue was caused by creating a new user account on my laptop and reinstalling to that account. The license is valid, yet the message appears whenever I try using say, DreamWeaver, or Photoshop. I'm pretty sure all I need is to validate the license in some way. But how?
            My system is Windows 7 Professional X64. I have a second generation Intel Core I5, 8GB DDR2 running on a Vortex 4 SSD that is blazing fast. So much for the hardware, what do I do about a message from the software saying "A problem has occured with the licensing of this product.... Please contact Adobe Customer support and mention the error code below:


            Error 213:19


            The software then exits and I can't use the product to which I am licensed to use.





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              Kartikay_Sharma Adobe Employee

              Hi Jhai256,


              Please try following the below mentioned Forum link that shares the answer .


              Error 213:19 : forums.adobe.com/message/5851150


              Please do let us know if this worked or not .



              Kartikay Sharma