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    Tables and Conditional Text

    Pambear Level 1

      I have tables that are conditionally texted that I created in RH5 and worked correctly in RH5.

      I've just upgraded to RH6 and now they don't work correctly!

      What happened?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Pam. Can you define what doesn't work correctly in your tables for us?
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            Pambear Level 1
            Sure...on one topic, I have three different tables. Each table has a different build tag....(I do this by selecting the table until the boxes display around it and then applying the build tag). For example, the first table should be seen by Client 1 only, the second by Client 2 and the third by Client 3. In RH 5, this displayed correctly.

            In RH 6, Client 2 and Client 3 see nothing! It's as though the first build tag applied to Client 1 has overridden the Client 2 and 3 build tags! Client 1 correctly sees the first table.

            Thank you for your help!!!