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    Help Purchasing 4 Copies of Photoshop CS6 with Discs?


      Hi All, I am the Team Leader of a very busy medical photography dept at the largest public hospital in New Zealand and we wish to buy 4 new copies of Photoshop CS6 for our medical photogapher ie one for each photographer. We cannot, nor will ever, use the "Cloud" because of the highly confidential images that we document and distribute for medical records and clinical education. The lease option is not going to work either as every automatic monthly payment from generated from our purchasing dept, costs $30 ontop of what our monthly lease would be to Adobe making this too expensive( to say nothing of the inconvienience of being disconnected if a software payment gets missed one month).

      Further, we will be upgrading all our machines from Windows XP to Windows 7 in a few months so this will mean re-installing Photosop CS6 (assuming that we can find someone willing to sell us the discs) after that as well...so for lots of reasons the best solution for us at the moment, would be to purchase legacy discs of Photoshop CS6( including Bridge) and I have secured trust funds to purchase this new software.I thought that I could buy 4 legacy versions from either  B&H photo in New York or Amazon( who both show legacy discs for sale on their respective websites) but neither will sell these discs to any one outside of the USA.

      I have searched for licenced resellers in New Zealand via the Adobe website but none come up. I have tried ringing Adobe New Zealand( 5 times!) but they refuse to return my call even after leaving 5 messages and when I ring the customer support I get put through to a call centre in India where the support consists of an operator with very little English language skills. The one time I did get hold of a native English speaking customer support person in the USA they told me that I had to ring the UK to speak to a person there but the UK is 12 hours behind us so that would mean ringing them in the middle of the night to speak to speak to someone about this ....by now I hope you are getting a very small idea of my frustration with this process and appalling customer service!...can anyone help me please???


      Regards Mark Forster-King

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You do not need the discs, just the CS6 trial version installer.


          Get that here:




          Then you would buy a serial number from Adobe to permantly activate the installed trial software to either the standard or extended version.


          http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_c reativesuite6.html


          If you want four permanent licenses (not cloud), ask about volume licensing.


          http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/volume-licensing/pdfs/avl-co mparison-guide-en.pdf

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I think you are misunderstanding a few things about Creative Cloud


            The software is installed on your computer and the data never goes on the cloud unless you specifically choose to put it there.


            You mention four copies, but one photographer.  Each license allows two simultanious activations of Photoshop.  Other people would not need Photoshop to view the images of course.


            Your Creative Cloud subscription will NOT stop working if you are unable to log on to the internet for some weeks, (or even months if you have a years subscription).


            You can pay for a full year in one go.


            Other things to consider:


            As a medical department, you would probably want to use the measurment tools that come with the Extended version.  That makes CS6 a lot more expensive, but is an integral part of CC


            There are some important features being added to CC that I can see your department making good use of.


            Creative Cloud has a Teams option, although don't forget you can have two installations for each licence so long as both are used by the same person (deskop and laptop for instance)


            I live in Marlborough, and I used to hate the permenent license model because of Adobe's price gouging.  It used to cost me around 50% more for Photoshop than people using the same program bought in America.  I am paying about NZ$23 a month for a Full Creative Cloud subscription of >30 applications.  That is almost exactly the same as in America.  Note this is the discounted first year price because I am a previous user, and it goes up to US$50 a month after that first year.


            If you are able to qualify for the Photoshop Photographers bundle deal, you will get Photoshop CC and Lightroom for US$10 per month.  That is such a bargain.


            So all in all, I would advise you to think again about a Creative Cloud subscription.


            I am in NZ and would happy to talk to you, although I am not in any way working for Adobe, and would not be able to help regards account details.