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    Can you help me install Flash Player on XP, PRO SP3?

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      I have WIN XP PRO SP 3 on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop, using IE8.  I have been trying for several days to get Flash player to install with no success.  Note; I also have Firefox installed and Flash player is up and running with no errors.


      My general question:  Is there Flash Player help site that I can contact that can remote log on to my computer and diagnose what is causing Flash player not to install ( either a free community site or for a reasonable fee) ?


      Here is what I have done.  I am open for anyone to offer suggestions I have not tried.


      Read the discussion " A required file could not be written due to insufficient permissions" and I also am unable to install Flash Player ActiveX; although I do not have the specific "permissions" issue mentioned ( although, as a check I did install and run the SubInACL .exe command line tool).

      When I run the http:// helpx.adobe.com/fash-player.html check, I receive the "flash payer is either not installed or enabled" error.

      Question:  Is there any way to know the specific error that the " http:// helpx.adobe.com/fash-player.html"  program finds when it reports the "flash payer is either not installed or enabled" error?  That might give a clue where to look.


      Removed and reinstalled IE8

      Note, on the first or second trouble shooting I did get Flash Player to run. I turned off laptop, but the next day after boot up, Flash Player showed the same "flash payer is either not installed or enabled" error.  Have not been able to fix.


      IE8, manage add-ons and show all add-ons shows Flash Player version 12 as installed and enabled.  A check of the IE security settings for all zones shows scripting and Active X is enabled.

      Control panel, add remove programs shows Flash Player ver. 12 as installed.

      I have run the Adobe uninstaller and Revo Uninstall a couple of times. Cleared the macromed directory in System32 Windows folder.

      Reinstalled Flash player.  Same error when I run "http:// helpx.adobe.com/fash-player.html”.

      I have run the SFC  /scannow. SCF did access the original XP PRO SP3 CD several times, but completed with no complaints after about 10 minutes (getting SFC to successfully read the CD was another adventure).


      As you can see, I am stumped as what to do next.  Would appreciate any advice or tips on what troubleshooting I have missed, or what to do next.


      Thanks for your time.