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    Bootstrap, height of edge animation and others div content in the page… overlay issue

    IronADDT Level 1

      I’ve a problem with the position others div tags in a page with a edge animation in the top (in the below example, div “box-animation”… export it with “publish target: Web”).

      The static content (in the below example, class “content-static”) is always overlay to the animation, instead to view it below div “box-animation”.


      The first solution is to set an height for edge animation container (for example, #box-animation height: 500px) but its very complicate to manage it with responsive website.


      So, how to view the static content in a div tag after an animation create with edge animate, to avoid overlay effect?


      This my first animation with Edge Animate and I always thought that the animation would have been placed in the html order of the webpage...







      <div id=“box-animation”><div id="Stage" class=“animation1…”>[edge animation]</div></div>

      <div class="container">

        <div class="row">

          <div class="span12">

            <div class=“content-static”><p>Test content</p></div>